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Have I mentioned I’m excited for Dragon Age

Have I mentioned I’m excited for Dragon Age

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Ariana grande being lowkey evil makes me like her

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Two Latin[a] Girls Pose in Front of a Wall of Graffiti in Lynch Park in Brooklyn, New York City…06/1974 [Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives]


Two Latin[a] Girls Pose in Front of a Wall of Graffiti in Lynch Park in Brooklyn, New York City…06/1974 [Photo credit: The U.S. National Archives]

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Iranian photographer Hossein Fatemi, offers a glimpse of an entirely different side to Iran than the image usually broadcasted by domestic and foreign media. In his photo series An Iranian Journey, many of the photographs reveal an Iran that most people never see, presenting an eye-opening look at the amazing diversity and contrasts that exist in the country.

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Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson


Hong Kong’s protesters are using the same “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture used in Ferguson

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*all photographs used here are taken by me unless otherwise stated


  1. Wikipedia
  2. Hong Kong’s Tourism Board
  3. lonelyplanet (read “the clamour for democracy”, 1997 related sections, “One Country, Two Systems”, “the recent past”)
  4. Tumblr user stirringwind has written a great post on what it means to be chinese in relation to Hong Kong


  1. buzzfeed has a great short article which summarises it (although some things are slightly wrong)
  2. time.com 
  3. vox.com interview with Jeffery Wasserstrom (based in the USA, scholar on China)
  4. npr.org
  5. cnn “what you need to know”


  1. Occupy Central: An abbreviation of “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” it is an organisation started by Benny Tai in 2013 in anticipation of the elections not being carried out to international standards. It is one of the two main groups protesting. (wikipedia official site official twitter)
  2. Scholarism: A student activist group formed in 2011 by secondary school students. The other main group protesting. (wikipedia official twitter)
  3. Central / Admiralty / Causeway Bay / Mong Kok / Wan Chai: Main business and shopping areas in Hong Kong, known for being incredibly busy. Together they make up the central hub of movement in HK. (MTR map)
  4. MTR: Hong Kong’s underground train transport system, similar to New York’s Subway or London’s Underground. 
  5. Chief ExecutiveThe position Hong Kong is fighting to elect fairly, it is the top political position in Hong Kong. (wikipedia)
  6. Leung Chun-ying / CY Leung: The current Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Viewed by the majority of HK as a “communist puppet” or as someone being controlled by the CCP. (wikipedia)
  7. 689: The number of electoral votes CY Leung won by, a very auspicious number which translates roughly to something like “the long road of prosperity”. Many HKers believe it to be suspiciously auspicious, and use it as a pejorative against CY Leung.
  8. One Country, Two Systems: Is the system Hong Kong is governed under now. It is essentially where Hong Kong is officially part of China, however it is governed by a democratic government. (A more detailed explanation here)


  1. First 12 Hours of Occupy Central (SCMP)
  2. Day Two Report (SCMP)
  3. Night Two Report (SCMP)
  4. BBC 2, LIVE
  5. David Cameron on the issue (Sky News)
  6. CNN 2, 3
  7. 33 Pictures (Buzzfeed)
  8. Joshua Wong released from custody (SCMP)
  9. NY Times
  10. HK Police pepper spray elderly protestor
  11. An Open Letter to Hong Kong
  12. Independent 1, 2
  13. Huffington Post


  1. Live Streams 1,2
  2. Supplies needed for the protestors
  3. South China Morning Post (Hong Kong’s no 1 English news)
  4. Day Three Live Report (SCMP)
  5. English twitter links 1,2,3,4,5

This is not exhaustive, but it is what I can think of as of now (30/9 4:05 PM). Please check to see if you are reblogging the latest information, as I will try to update this periodically. Hong Kong is my home and I want to get this information out! Please ask any questions here for clarification, and I will answer you to the best of my ability. Please try to get the message out to as many people as you can, and FUCK 689. 

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BB Gunman Fires at Jews in Baltimore on Rosh HaShanah






I have close friends who live right near there.

I think it speaks to my current mental state vis-a-vis anti-semitism that I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn’t a real gun instead of being outraged at the fact that a hate crime was perpetrated against Jews on Rosh HaShanah. 

yes but take a step back and realize how truly fucked that is

"yes there was a gun crime but thank god it wasn’t a real gun this time, it’s better than normal!"

it’s not normal to be shot at at your site of worship, or at all

why is this our normal

It really shouldn’t be. It really shouldn’t. But between the shootings, the property damage, the assaults, the shops refusing Jewish customers, the removal of the Kosher sections, the continued denials that anti-semitism is an issue at all… My expectations for humane treatment have been severely lowered this year. This blog’s existence is largely a product of that frustration and disappointment. I’m worried that our “normal” is going to get a hell of a lot worse before a critical mass of goyim notice or care.

theyll never care, even if they ever notice

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flowers on a rainy day. 

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my sunday 

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