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And then they even tried to argue with me how to make her drink after I told them and I had to literally sit there and make sure they made it the way she asked them to

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I was so mad at work today. Got put in the drive through with two of my racist coworkers. They laughed at and suggested there was something wrong with one of our customers whose always on the phone with his mother in the morning, bc loving your mom is one of those ‘creepy foreign family things.’ Then another customer came through, a nice lady with an accent but speaks perfectly clearly and they wouldn’t let her finish her order when they couldn’t understand her and asked her to pull forward, and then as soon as she did he muttered about how you shouldn’t come to the store if you ‘can’t even speak English’ and I snapped at him and told him she speaks English perfectly fine, he just didn’t bother listening. I was so embarrassed I just comped her whole order and apologized

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Jacek Malczewski (Polish, 1854-1929), “Idź za strumieniem” (“Follow the Stream”) triptych [source]:

  1. "Pejzaż z jarzębiną" ("Landscape with rowan trees"), left panel, 1909
  2. "Adoracja Madonny" ("Adoration of Madonna"), central panel, 1910
  3. "Pejzaż z jarzębiną" ("Landscape with rowan trees"), right panel, 1909
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Ph. Annelise Phillips


Ph. Annelise Phillips

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toya and jin (always), that big tree in the front yard of your old house, breath of fire, thunder cats, that time you broke your teacher’s nose

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fun new ask meme


send me ur favorite emoji/emoticon and I will tell you what things I associate you with

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The qunari are SAVAGES!

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Fred Sathal Haute Couture Fall 2014 Details


Fred Sathal Haute Couture Fall 2014 Details

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Krikor Jabotian SS14 (via *Lovely Clusters)

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